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CAM Logistics pay's their carriers within 21 days!! Quick Pay available by check. 3% fee.





Post Katrina

CAM Transport & CAM Logistics, located in Gulfport, MS have shown their tenacity and dedication to the industry as they have overcome Katrina & Isaac and the changes they brought about. While overcoming adversity and tragedy the CAM family's character stands above  all.





CAM Logistics Delivers to US Coast Guard Guam!

Coast Guard takes delivery of a new 45' response boat in Guam, transported by CAM's Terminal 17 in Tallahassee, FL.

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CAM Logistics continues to support the Coast Guard RB-M Program by delivering much needed cradles to needed C.G. Stations





Department of Defense Services: Cam Logistics Terminal # 17   Tel: (850) 222-5557  Fax: (850) 226-5557



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